Mesa Naranja Valencia | 18 October 2024

woensdag 18 oktober

🍊Come join us to our montly La Mesa Naranja in Valencia, co-hosted by the Netherlands Business Support Office and Zakenkring Valencia 🍊.

What’s the aim? An informal, yet high-level business lunch where ideas flow, networks expand, and insightful discussions spark. La Mesa Naranja operates on the simple principle that everyone needs to have lunch in order to continue the day productively. So, immerse yourself in an interactive session where we’ll talk about the essence of business, explore opportunities, and discover the secrets of successful entrepreneurship. It’s a good opportunity to connect with a diverse group of professionals, swap ideas, and gain valuable insights.

The next La Mesa Naranja will be Friday October 18th 2023:

  • Time: will be announced later,
  • Location:will be announced later,
  • Costs: will be announced later.