Freerk van der Laan

Freerk van der Laan runt Corr-Ttag en Corr-Trading

Corr-Ttag / Corr-Trading is active in the corrugated cardboard industry. Our objective is High-Speed Production at the Lowest Cost/Waste and to achieve a Constant, Strong, and Flexible Product.
We deliver Consultancy under -Ttag: Training, Trouble-shooting, Advice, and Guidance. At -Trading, we are Sales consultants for Chemicali├źn, Machines, Spare-parts. The market is EMEA, but the focus is Spain/Portugal, Germany, Benelux, and Scandinavia.

My company is (still) located in Holland; my wife and youngest son are from Spain, Vigo Galicia. I started my company in 2017, first only -Ttag, but since the end of 2020, also -Trading. Before corona, I was traveling worldwide, wherever there were corrugators. (Golfkarton machines) The new reality, however, made my life only better, much more at home and in a good balance.

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