Mesa Naranja Valencia | 19 January 2024

vrijdag 19 januari (13:30)

🍊Come join us to our montly La Mesa Naranja in Valencia, co-hosted by the Netherlands Business Support Office and Zakenkring Valencia 🍊.

What’s the aim? An informal, yet high-level business lunch where ideas flow, networks expand, and insightful discussions spark. La Mesa Naranja operates on the simple principle that everyone needs to have lunch in order to continue the day productively. So, immerse yourself in an interactive session where we’ll talk about the essence of business, explore opportunities, and discover the secrets of successful entrepreneurship. It’s a good opportunity to connect with a diverse group of professionals, swap ideas, and gain valuable insights.

The next La Mesa Naranja will be Friday January 19th 2023:

  • Time: walk-in from 14.00, starting 14.30,
  • Location: Hotel Malcom & Barret,
  • Speaker: Rory McElearny, the topic will be AI.

“1 year ago ChatGPT entered our lives and things have not been the same since! But what does the next phase of development look like? What about AI assistants that are trained on your company’s data, can take actions and can even perform advanced reasoning much like a human? Hi, I’m Rory, CTO and co-founder of Engaige, the next generation AI customer service platform. Join us on Friday 19th January to hear about my journey to starting Engaige, how we help our customers decrease their customer service costs and what AI developments in the world have in store for us in the near future.”

Secure your spot before the 10th of January via this link, there is a limit of 50.

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